Thracian Tomb in Mezek,Bulgaria.

Bulgaria. Thracian Tomb in Mezek. Thracian tomb located near the village. Mezek is the most monumental and one of the most interesting domed tombs of Mycenaean type in Thrace. Dated to the IV. BC and fully preserved in its Authentic form. It covers an impressive burial mound height of 15 m and a diameter of 90 m. Archaeological studies indicate that it is buried in the local ruler.The tomb stands out for its unusual architecture. It is composed of large stone blocks connected with iron clamps. The necropolis is dromos (corridor) with a length of over 20 meters followed by two rectangular vestibule, and behind them -. Round burial chamber with a high dome. Preserved stone bed of the deceased, and his side - two stone urns. Under stone slabs of the two rectangular rooms found secondary burials carried out by cremation.
Also found in the tomb of a variety of unique items made of gold, bronze, iron, glass and ceramics. Today finds are on display in the Regional Historical Museum - Haskovo and at museums in Sofia and Istanbul.

















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