Rare Photos of Egypt from the 1870s

Entrance to the Great Pyramid
around 1890)

The Pyramids(from the 1880's)

Descending the Great Pyramid(from the 1880's)

From an old post card 
(around 1910)

Soldiers on the Sphinx(1882-5)

The Pyramids(1862)

Distance view of the Pyramids(1891)

Troups before the Pyramids(1882-5)

Group of people in front of Sphinx and Pyramid

From an old Italian newspaper showing the Summit from a Helicopter(date unknown)

Sphinx & Pyramids of Chefren and Mankaura, Giza

Cairo: Tombs of the Mamelukes to the citadel

The Al-Masalla Obelisk, Heliopolos (Cairo)


Tombs Chalifs, Lower Egypt

Cairo passage of Kasr-en-Nil [Qasr al-Nil]

Old Cairo: Sultan Hassan Mosque and the Citadel

Cairo: Garden of Ezbekieh [Azbakia]

Cairo: Mokattam, Giyuschi Mosque [al-Juyushi]

Tombs Chalifs, Kait Bay Mosque

Giza Pyramids and Tombs of Bedouins

View Towards the Pyramids of Giza

Route to Giza

Cairo: Kafr Near the Pyramids

Route to the Giza Pyramids

View of the Giza Pyramids

Climbing a Pyramid

Cairo: The Citadel & Mosque Mehemet Ali [Muhammad Ali Basha]

Cairo: Mosque el Azhar (the students)

Cairo Mosque el Mouaiyad [Mu’ayyad]

Brechin [el-Badrashin] Ramses II Colossus, Lower Egypt

Sakkara [Saqqara] Step Pyramid

Camels in the Desert

Luxor: The temple, Ramses statues

Luxor: Temple and Columns

Karnak: The Grand Temple

Karnak: The Grand Temple and Sacred Lake

Karnak Temple of Thothmes III [Tuthmosis III], the Statues of Amenhotep I

Thebes: Ramesseum, statues of Osiris

Phylae the Booth



  1. Header is misleading. Photos are not just 1870's, but from the mid 1800's to early 1900's.