When the Soviets fed ... polar bears!

A surreal image, soldier giving milk to a wild polar bear, and the little bear climbing on his leg! Rare photos from the distant 1950. From Katerina Chamaleli

The fearless soldiers in the photographs from the distant 1950, polar bears fed with condensed milk cans. Opened such a box and then give the pot to bear to drink inside and then feed her little teddy bears with it.

 These blue and white cans of condensed milk was the main dessert for each child in the Soviet Union during the winter. Condensed milk had indefinite life and there was plenty of it. It was also a common dessert for a soldiers.

The soldiers, who served in the army at the Chukchi Peninsula Region, did`t turned his back to the hungry animals and began to feed them every now and then.

 The photo was taken during a routine military campaign in the Chukchi Peninsula in the Soviet Union.The climate is very difficult there and sometimes the weather can be as terrible in the winter, the temperature drops 40C degrees Celsius below zero, so that the inconvenience for white bears and their cubs, they start to starve and freeze.









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