Forgotten and hidden in the forests of Armenia

Matosavank, 12th century is small church hidden in a forested area of Dilijan National Park. The church is currently in ruins and is difficult to find.

Yerits Mankants Monastery, 17th century – Artsakh

Tatevi Anapat – 17th c. Armenian monastery, located near Tatev monastery, surrounded by wild forest, which gives beautiful view of the monastery. In 1995 was considered for inclusion in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Tatevi Anapat – 17th c. Armenian monastery

Khachkar near Gandzasar Monastery (13th c.), Artsakh

Medieval Armenian church

Forgotten Khachkar in the forest of Dilijan- Tavush (Armenia – 1000-1600 A.D.

Okhty Ekhtsy monastery – medieval Armenian, Artsakh

Khachkars near Okhty Ekhtsy monastery

Geghdznudi Monastery: located in Tavush region, deep in the forest, 9 km south west of Ajarqourt village — 13th Century.

Bardzrakash St. Grigor Monastery (10th. c.), Dsegh, Alaverdi, Armenia.

Medieval khachkars near Bardzrakash monastery, Dsegh Alaverdi, Armenia.

Bardzrakash St.Grigir monastery

On the way to Bardzrakash

Aghavnavank, S. Astvatsatsin church (XII-XIII century)

Horomayri Monastery inscription. A 12th century monastic complex in the Lori Province of Armenia.

Teghenik Monastery (12th century).

Kobayr monastery 12th century, Lori Armenia.

Bardzrakash St. Grigor Monastery, Dsegh, Armenia.

Kobayr monastery Alaverdi Armenia (12th c.)

Araqeloc Monastery 13th century (Tavush, Armenia)



  1. Wonder why all these places were abandoned. No attempt to save them, give them "historic place" status; not even save artifacts. We need to save our heritage more than we need to be planning to live on an uninhabitable planet like Mars. We've lost our bearings; everybody is concentrating on racism, war, drugs, sex......we're not progressing; we're regressing.

    1. Thank you for comment.Agree and i think we are regressing for a long,long time.In this case,i can only guess it`s going on because Armenia is poor country and that they simple don`t have enough of money to solve this.Anyway,such a historical and culturally is to much valuable and that is not only national treasure of Armenia then and of whole world.